Meredith's Challenge 2.0

52 books, one year. Stay tuned for more details.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

More Details

Kay, y'all, I figured it out. Based on January's and February's poor showing, I need to read five books a month in order to hit fifty. However, due to reasons beyond my control, April is going to be a crazy, crazy, crazy month. So crazy in fact that I know five books ain't gonna happen. Maybe three, if I'm lucky and if they're really, really short. Do novellas count? Does any one know of any good ones?
Moving on... my goal for this month is six, maybe seven. I'm more than halfway through my fourth (update soon) and I think I can squeeze in at least two more. I can't recall ever reading this much, even when I was in uni with three literature courses.
This is good prep for August, when the boy and myself will be going to Finland, yes, Finland. Pretty crazy no? Anyone ever been? I've never even stepped one toe in Europe and I am super duper excited about it. Yay for international travel! And books! Yay books!


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