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Friday, June 09, 2006

2.22 The Apprentice by Jacques Pepin

For the folks who are here because of Friendster, sorry for the delay in posting. Blogger blew up and refused to recognize the importance of my being able to post my review in a timely fashion. Stupid Blogger.

It's a very good thing that Mr. Pepin is a chef and not a writer, though I do have serious doubts that he wrote this all by himself. He must have read a lot of serials in his youth because his book seemed like one long and then this happened, and then this happened, but wait, this occurred and then finally this! Ta da! But wait, there's more...

His childhood was pretty interesting because he grew up in France during WWII. Besides that, not really that gripping. Maybe it is to him. Aren't most people interested in their own lives and think that others are too? I mean y'all are still reading this aren't you?

I've still got a few more books under my hat, before I'm all caught up. More to come!


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