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Monday, June 06, 2005


I haven't read anything since the last entry. Even fish are reading more than I am (and writing more intelligently about it, too, damnit). I am now resorting to the classic "Look over here! Cause I've got nothing post" syndrome. I stumbled upon this meme (extra points to those who knows where this word comes from) here and followed the directions. It was interesting. Try to guess the answers. If you dare!

Here it goes:
My hometown First picture for this search, cracked me up.

The town I live in now (Look closely at the flags)

My name

My grandma's name

My favorite food Yes, but what kind? It is a specific one. Any guesses? No cheating!

My favorite drink Funny how I didn't realize this was it, until I actually thought about it. The first summer I worked at Ben and Jerry's, we made this from scratch. I used to make it for myself all the time with fizzy water and the bare minimum amount of syrup, used to freak out my co-workers with how sour I like it.

My favorite song Oh Lord, I hope I don't look like this when I'm boogeying down.

My favorite smell One of Godzilla's babies is turning red. Not long until you read in headlines "Woman dies from eating too many tomatoes!" But what a wonderful way to go.

If anyone else is bored enough to do this, let me know what your answers are.


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