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Sunday, July 16, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By popular request, here are some of my favorite photos that we took while on vacation. I was too lazy to prettify them, so what you see is what we caught.

The astronomical clock in the Old Town Square in Prague. It's old, very old. The person who built it had his eyes poked out because his employers did not want him to build anything similar for anybody else.

The Old Jewish cemetery in Josefov. For a while, the city refused to let the Jews open another cemetery, so the stones (and the bodies one presumes) are piled up together. Some of the headstones are so old that the writing is no longer legible. We went on a drizzly, overcast day which really fit the mood of the place.

A view of the crazy baroque St. Vitus Church in the Praha Hrad (Prague Castle). This photo is of a window in the church designed by Mucha, an Art Noveau artist from Prague. The photo, as good as it is, does not even come close to how breathtaking this window is.

A close up of one of the gargoyles at the church.

By far, my favorite photo. A capture of one of the gates on the Charles Bridge at night.

In Cesky Krumlov, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, I risked my life (have I ever told you that I'm afraid of heights? Especially if they involve lots of small stairs with no handrails?) by climbing up the pink tower so we could get a better view of the city. We saw this:

And then I died.

In Vienna, we went to a lot of museums and they don't really let you take pictures in them. I fell in love with my new favorite painting and we saw a little painting known as "The Kiss". We also ate ungodly amounts of pastry because we were in Vienna, home of the croissant. Sadly, no croissants were eaten. Lots of cake was though. Mmmm, cake.



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