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Monday, August 15, 2005

#28 Dry by Augusten Burroughs

Right after I finished the last page, the boy turned to me and with impeccable timing, asked me if I wanted a drink. "No! Never again will I ingest the evil waters of Satan!" I replied. Or rather, I inwardly shuddered and politely demurred. I can only hope that my genes, which are only slightly alcoholic (how far back in my family tree can it go in order to affect me?), never assert themselves. Obviously, there is a huge difference between wanting a drink and needing one. And while one morning, I would like to try a Bloody Mary, as of yet, I don't need one to start my day, thanks be to the rolling of the genetic dice.

This Augusten guy is pretty young (not quite 30!) and all ready has three(!) memoirs. How much life can one live in so short a time in order to warrant so many mini-autobiographies? He uses dry humor, which I adore, a penchant for unhealthy relationships, which makes me sad, and likes handsome men, I do too. Dry is a good, quick-ish read and real enough to turn me away fom the drink for few a days. It has some interesing insights into the addicts' mindset and what being in rehab is like. This is something that I am glad to have book learnin' about, and not the real thing. The strength of those who do have real-life experiences is mind boggling.


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