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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

#42 Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

See here for my theory on pretty much all of Maguire's novels, beacuse at this point, I have read all but one. Miss S keeps giving them to me to read and I can't help myself. No mas, S, no mas. I'm done.

Wicked could have been a brilliant book. It wasn't. Son is like all the bad parts of Wicked thrown together and the "surprise" ending isn't really a surprise for anyone, besides Liir, the main character. That's it in a nutshell.

Stuff happens, talking Birds (not a typo), mysterious pregnancies and a half Elephant(also, not a typo)-human princess. Um, yes. As for what happens with all of the (almost) political upheaval that occurs throughout the book? Totally dropped. Not important anymore. Sorry you just spent almost all of this book reading about and trying to keep straight. Sucks to be you. Maguire really needs to learn to either not place a huge emphasis on a plot line that goes nowhere, or not include it at all. Crikey.

Coming soon, hopefully tonight, a picture of my gorgeous-sis new 'do and, I really mean it this time, the cutest bunny in the world. Can you handle it? I thought not.

****Upon re-reading this post, I realized how horribly disjointed it is. Eh, it's almost lunch and gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, I need to leave the office before my brain turns into a pile of mush.****


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