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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

#38 The World of Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

So sorry it's been so long. There was this monster of a collection to get through, Halloween costume planning (can't tell it's a secret, but it's fantastic), house decorating, I Want a Truce-ing and a Weezer concert. Whew! And it's almost the end of the month and I am way behind.
First off: I heart Jeeves! And I totally and completely blame the boy for this. He insisted that we watch the BBC series and then he bought this and didn't read it. I didn't want the poor book to wither away sad and lonely, so I picked it up in a moment of pity and was stuck with it until I finished the darn thing.

Jeeves and Wooster are very funny in small doses, in large doses, even I almost OD'ed on its Britishness. As some people insist, I am a confirmed Anglophile. Wooster's language is hysterical, randomly shortening words to their first letter (a little egg and b. for breakfast?) , the crazy nicknames his friends have, and the crazy way he ends almost every sentence with "what!" Jeeves has a fantastic dry wit and always knows what it going on with everything and everybody. Quite a talent and very helpful in getting Bertie and his friends out of their ridiculous predicaments, which seem never ending. My favorite story was the one narrated by Jeeves, the title escapes me for the mo. I loved knowing what was going on in his head.
I don't know much about Wodehouse, but it definitely seemed to me that he was constantly pointing out how ill-fitting Bertie is for the aristocracy while clearly Jeeves is the one who ought to be in control. He is more diplomatic and clever than a hundred Woosters. Political commentary maybe? This is just the collection of all of the short stories and there are novels too. I can't imagine a whole novel about Wooster making a mess of things and Jeeves cleaning up after him. Any Wodehouse fans around who want to come to PG's defense?

I hope all of you have a fantastic Halloween. Eat lots of candy, be a little crazy and stay safe.


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