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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Slowly but surely....

Hi. Still alive. Maybe. I very foolishly started two big books at once. One is about a boy growing up gay in Ireland which is good but hard because Irish people use a lot of words I don't know and the other is about a grad student studying an 18th century poet. Why am I reading this book? I don't like 18th century poetry or literature studies at a grad student level or, um, cold weather(?). Because it was on a list! And I must read every single book that was on a list ever! Which is going to take a long time and will be mostly unsatisfying. I need to hurry the heck up because it is November and I have 12 more books until I hit my goal. My present to myself if I do complete this madness is this >>>>
In other news, I will post a picture of my Halloween garb as soon as someone (you know who you are) sends me a photo of it. It was super fantastic and I am very sad that I cannot go around all day like that. Also, my dear friend N is newly betrothed and I am so ridiculously happy for her and her beau. Congratulations cuties!
Eventually this site will be about books again. Thank you for your patience.


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