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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

#18 Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott

I couldn't take the "philosophical" musings of Lord Henry anymore! He talks too much and maybe I'm just not deep enough to appreciate Oscar Wilde, though I really like "The Importance of Being Ernest." I'm still struggling through Picture of Dorian Gray, maybe I will finish it one day.

I liked Charming Billy, this is McDermott's new-ish book and it was on sale. Resistance is futile.

The narration is good, a fifteen year old girl, wise beyond her years, loved by small children and animals, a bit cliche, but interesting. Her interest in the father of one of her charges was creepy and fascinating at the same time. At first, I thought, "Um, I just have a dirty mind, right?" then later, "Maybe I'm not imaging things." and then "He's really, really old, but she seems to be in charge so is this okay?" I don't know. He could be her grandfather but he is an arteest! He does arty things! Like have affairs with underage girls! Now that I think about it, definitely more creepy than anything. I wonder how people would react if the genders were reversed.

The book is beautifully written, but its ending is odd. All this stuff happens, really, really quickly and then its over! It feels like a lazy way to end something; I've complained about this earlier. It's still frustrating. Regardless, interesting read, probably could have gotten it from the library instead. And if that fawning review doesn't make you want to go out and read it I don't know what will!


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