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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

#44 The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank

I got a surprise bonus at work, ($75 to spend as a I see fit at the campus bookstore, wheee!!!) so I picked this up. Hardcover, deep discount, really liked Girl's Guide.

As much I liked Guide, I did not want to re-read it again, which is essentially what Wonder Spot is. Same character, albeit with a different name, same clever dialogue, and glimpses into a young woman's life, same tight focus on her relationships with men. Honestly, women are more than the relationships they are in. Women are people, too, not just girlfriends, wives, blah, blah, blah. This should not be new, folks.

Reading this almost made me like Guide a little less. I thought Guide was such a unique, interesting take on things but Wonder is watered down version. This was a pretty common complaint among other reviewers as well, I believe. At least it was a quick read.
Ah, que sera, sera. Anybody interested in a barely used copy?


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