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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Revenge of the Lists!

I see that my desperate trolling for comments got me nowhere. Alas.

While I'm organizing my thoughts on Go Tell It on the Mountain, here's a little something to entertain yourself with (stolen from here). I've read twelve. I'm pretty certain that no matter how long I live, I will never pick up Copperfield, the Pullman trilogy, or Clockwork. And I've never even heard of Birdsong.

My thoughts: It's far too early to declare Curious Incident, Lovely Bones and Time-Traveller's Wife as classics. Granted, Time-Traveller's is brilliant while Curious and Bones are pretty darn good but more so than Morrison's early works? Ibsen? Where the heck is Wharton on this list? Why is Dickens on it twice, no thrice! (Ugh, can't stand him. It's so obvious that he was being paid by the word in all of his stories.) Any other grievous errors you can see?

P.S. Unless Word is lying to me, did you know that you can spell traveller with or without the double L's? Learn something new everyday.


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