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Thursday, April 06, 2006

2.10 A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain

After reading this I can safely say that I don't ever need to eat a still beating cobra's heart, a deep fried tree slug, a hotel's pet iguana or natto. Bourdain has done it all for me so (thankfully) I don't have to.

I liked this much more than the other book if his I read, Kitchen Confidential. I enjoyed reading about his travels around the world looking for a perfect meal instead of stupid crap he did while he was on meth. I know that people do stupid stuff all the time, I don't need to read about it. Whereas, very few people travel to Portugal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Mexico, Moscow and lots of other places, just to taste the native food. I now have a burning desire to have Vietnamese food, go to Oaxaca, and go to a Japanese spa, in Japan. I'm horribly jealous that someone paid him to go around the world to eat. Some parts are pretty terrifying, like facing down the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the bathrooms he encountered but most of it was fascinating. Especially the deliberate way he had to eat his dinner at the spa.

I've been talking a lot about food lately, partially because of my future plans and partially because it's springtime and farmer's market is getting exciting. I'm supposed to read a wide variety of books for this here challenge, otherwise it's not much of a challenge really. I'm slowly getting back on track. More to come.


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